Tobias was always a loser,
it began the day he was born.
Now he's just old,
a derelict old soul,
a victim of "John Barley Corn."

There's a lot he doesn't remember,
even more he'd rather forget.
And the more he drinks,
the less he thinks,
and the less he seems to regret.

Now and then he daydreams about someone,
a girl that he used to know.
With the passage of time,
her name's slipped his mind,
Lord! that was a long time ago.

A friend of his down in Miami,
sent him word to come when he could.
If he had the dough,
that's just where he would go,
the sand and the sun sure sound good.

But for now he sits in a doorway,
on the corner of Fourteenth and Vine,
Drowning his blues,
in a bottle of booze,
surviving one day at a time.

By Charlotte Perry
©2015 Charlotte Perry